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Professional Skylights Installation, Repair and Replacement

Homeowners often have skylights installed on their ceilings so they can utilize natural light indoors during daytime and have a great view of the sky on a clear night. Not only does this help homeowners save on electricity costs, but it also raises the overall value of their home. Installing skylights is an ideal way to improve your home, but just like your roof that’s always exposed to the changing weather, it’s also susceptible to damage. This can lead to leaks and possibly water damage, as well as a lower level of insulation for the home.

What Causes Damage to Skylights?

Leaking from the skylight can be caused by a slew of factors. Sometimes it can just be a form of blockage made by leaves and debris on the roof which diverts water toward the skylight. Other times it can be condensed indoor air collecting onto the pane and making the skylight seem like it is leaking. But there are times when the leak is a legitimate concern to the structural integrity of the house and the safety of its inhabitants if the skylight’s pane has been cracked or is not sealed properly.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace Skylights?

There is nothing wrong with having a faulty skylight removed altogether. However, it will always cost more to have it uninstalled and have the gap reconstructed to become part of the rest of the roof. Not only will the re-roofing of the skylight’s previous area be costly, but eliminating the benefit of natural light in the house will take a toll on your utility budget as well. Skylight repairs on the other hand, fall between the standard prices of anywhere from $161 to $535.

Our Brand of Skylight Installation, Repair and Replacement

While other homeowners choose to have their skylights removed altogether and simply have it covered up, we at Summit Roofing & Restoration believe that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics and the natural light that gets in your home to have adequate weather protection. As an established provider of residential and commercial roofing repair in Katy and Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, we provide professional services that can identify the problems related to your skylights and address them accordingly.

We specialize in different kinds of roof repair which allows us to make sure that your skylight is sealed and in good working condition, and that your roof does not have any damage that can affect your skylight’s integrity. We have the expertise and the latest resources to address cracks, leaks, yellowing or discolored panes, insulation to minimize condensation, and other roofing repair concerns.

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