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Summit Roofing & Restoration’s Residential Services

Summit Roofing & Restoration offers home improvement services for Katy and Houston, TX residential and business areas. We provide roofing services such as repair, installation and maintenance of roofs and gutters using only top quality materials from well-known manufacturers. We understand how important your roof is under the sweltering Texan heat or, in rare instances, the brutal winter. That’s why a good roof must be able to resist the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Choose from our wide array of roofing materials, along with our various roofing services.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are some of the most long-lasting roofing materials in the industry. With proper care, metal roofs can last for 50 years or longer.

Summit Roofing & Restoration’s metal roofs are ideal for the harsh heat the Lone Star State is known for thanks to the roof’s ability to reflect light and heat from the sun. As metal roofs keep the house cool, homeowners are less likely to turn on their air conditioners on a hot day, keeping energy costs at a minimum. Aside from energy costs, other benefits of metal roofs include strength and resistance to lightning.

Tile Roofing

Summit Roofing is a certified dealer of several brands of tile roofing materials. With the threat of tornadoes in the north, hurricanes to the south, and dust storms across Texas, heavy tiles securely fastened to a board using screws, nails or adhesive foam are good enough to withstand strong winds and even hurricanes. They can last as long as metal roofs if given proper care and maintenance.

Composition Shingles

Due to their low cost and ease of installation, composition shingles are among the roofing materials most widely used in American homes. We offer two types of shingles: the regular three-tab shingles and the thicker laminated ones. Given the threat of high winds, laminated shingles work better in hurricane-prone areas. Repairing a missing shingle or broken one is as simple as replacing it with a fresh shingle.


Despite the arid heat, Texas has its share of heavy rains every now and then. That’s why Summit Roofing & Restoration carries gutter systems for homes and residential buildings. Our gutters come in 30 different colors to add aesthetic value to the house in addition to function. Gutters are essential in preventing your roof from springing a leak by directing rainwater directly to the ground.

Roof Repair

No roofing material is impervious to man or the elements. Summit Roofing & Restoration employs certified roofers to fix your roofing problem. Whether it’s a simple leak or a few damaged shingles, roof repairs shouldn’t be out of the question. With warranty on most roofing materials in the first few years of installation, cost shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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