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Summit Roofing & Restoration’s Rapid Response to Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are among the most common roofing issues in many homes and business structures. The longer you delay having roofing repair experts work on it, the worse the leak gets.

For Summit Roofing & Restoration, roof leaks are among the most common problems they get called in to repair. With occasional rains and storms in Katy and Houston, TX and in other parts of the state, any roof becomes vulnerable to leaks. Homeowners and business owners associate a leaking roof with financial loss and a compromise in structural integrity. If you ignore that small, seemingly harmless leak, it could end up costing you a lot on home repairs in the future.

Roof leaks can be repaired but only with timely action.

Leaking Roof Causes Other Problems

It may start as a small leak, but the problem can become unmanageable, dangerous and costly as it grows unabated. At first, you’re only draining buckets filled with water from the leak. As it grows worse, more problems become apparent.

  • Water stains or unsightly bulges appear on the ceiling.
  • You get rotting wooden framework, which also doubles as a breeding ground for algae.
  • Support beams start sagging due to the moisture in the structure.
  • Costs to overhaul the roofing structure and replace the affected parts rise.
  • Seepage into other parts of the house (e.g. siding, exterior wall) occurs.
  • Insulation is rendered ineffective by the moisture it absorbs.

How to Spot Leaks

In the past, flooding the roof with water and letting it sit for 24 hours was the preferred method of looking for leaks. However, experts have discouraged the use of this method due to its unreliability and the fact that it could possibly create a leak in the process. This method only applies on flat roofs.

Contractors like Summit Roofing & Restoration currently rely on state-of-the-art equipment for detecting moisture areas on the roof. Among the most basic technologies the company uses is infrared. Roofing repair experts scan the ceiling with an infrared camera that detects cool spots in the area for possible sources of leaks.

Cost of Repairs

Roofing repair costs vary depending on factors such as the extent of the damage of the roof and the quality of materials used for repairs. As mentioned earlier, leaks grow worse the longer you delay getting roof repair services. If you want to keep the cost at a minimum, it’s best to call Summit Roofing & Restoration right away.

Contact us once you spot any type of damage on your roof to prevent a little problem from growing worse and costing you dearly. Our professional roofing repair experts at Summit Repair & Restoration can give you an assessment and a quote anytime.

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