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Immediate Roof Repair Options


When your roof is damaged due to hurricanes, hailstorms or other causes, it’s very important to have it assessed and repaired to prevent further damage. No matter the extent of your roof’s damage, it is best to have it repaired immediately to extend your roof’s service life as well as help you avoid the huge costs of roof repair or replacement when the damage becomes irreparable.

Having performed residential and commercial roof repair services in Katy and Houston, TX and the nearby locales for several years, we at Summit Roofing & Restoration have seen and dealt with all types of roof damage. Below are some of the possible roofing problems your home or business may have, which, if not addressed immediately can cause damage to the rest of the structure:

  1. 1. Emergency cover-ups – In the event that your roof is damaged due to a storm or very strong winds, emergency cover-ups must be performed to prevent water from leaking into the ceiling and walls of your home or business establishment.
  2. 2. Shingle repair – Damaged shingles can compromise a roof’s overall structure. If not replaced, it can lead to the damage of other shingles, resulting in reduced protection for the roof and the overall structure.
  3. 3. Leaky roofs – The most common type of roof damage, leaky roofs can lead to extensive damage to the entire home or building.
  4. 4. Plumbing jacks – Plumbing jacks on your roof or at the side of the house are used to dispose of water from your roof. When these pipes or the seal around the pipe cracks, rain water can easily get into your home.s
  5. 5. Skylights – Skylights are a good way to let in natural light into your home. When these are damaged or the seal around it has cracked, it can cause rain to seep in and allow conditioned air to escape the home.
  6. 6. Leaking valleys – Valleys are very difficult to seal, so when you see a bit of damage or it starts leaking, it should be repaired to prevent the gap from increasing.
  7. 7. Replace rotten roof decking – If not replaced, rotten roof decking can affect other parts of the property and can be a safety risk for everyone living in your home.
  8. 8. Leaking vents – Vents are meant to let unwanted air out of the home. If damaged, it may work the other way around and let unwanted air and water indoors.
  9. 9. Flat roof repair – Flat roofs are common with commercial facilities. If there is damage and it is not fixed immediately, it can significantly interrupt operations, and lead to additional costs to the business.
  10. 10. Chimney leaks – Not only will water seep inside the home, but sometimes the chimney will also be rendered unusable if leaks persist.
  11. 11. Flashing repair – When damaged, it cannot provide proper weather protection to your house.

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