Yes, Even Virginia Sports Clubs Need Katy, TX Roof Repair Experts

Roofing problems do not only affect homeowners and commercial facilities; they could also spell trouble for sports clubs. As noted by The Citizen newspaper in Gloucestershire, England:

MEMBERS of Matson Rugby Football Club are facing the real possibility of its closure if urgently-needed repairs to the clubhouse roof aren’t carried out soon.

The historic club has been a pillar of the community for more than half a century and will celebrate its 60th anniversary year in 2017 – if it is still operational then.

Club finances rely heavily on bar sales and the venue being let out for various private functions, but this income stream has fallen away because of an ever-worsening roof leak.

The American rugby scene may not be as huge as that across the pond, but ruggers and other sportsmen in Katy, Texas can understand what Matson RFC is going through. The entire Houston-The Lowlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, where Katy belongs, has a number of sports facilities that are in good shape, yet others are not as fortunate. If you have a sporting club whose main base of operations is suffering badly from roofing issues, you should consider giving experts at roof repair in Katy, TX like Summit Roofing LLC a call.

A casual look of Matson’s clubhouse may reveal a few important facts about their overall situation, and a reputable Katy roofer may even look out for similar signs at their clients’ locations. The article reports that the roof has been patched up multiple times over the years, with varying degrees of success. However, the last patch-up done over the entrance earlier this year did more harm than good; club personnel took pains to collect up to 40 gallons of dripping water.

The leaks have impacted the club’s revenue stream, which come from bar sales and event rentals. Insiders said a local roofer had quoted the British pound equivalent of around $113,300 for a complete roof replacement.

Sports teams anywhere need not disappear from the scene because of problems at their otherwise functional clubhouses. A competent Katy, TX roofing repair company like Summit will have the solutions they need to get things back together.

(Article and image excerpt from Matson Rugby Football Club facing closure if leaky roof isn’t replaced, The Citizen, October 2, 2013)

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