Repair or Replace: The Value of a Second Opinion From Katy Roofers

It’s often considered a safety measure to have the roof checked after a storm, even when signs of damage aren’t apparent. What if your inspection reveals that you need a new roof? Get a second opinion.

At least, that’s what Fox 29 in New Jersey did when they asked for a roof to be inspected for damage after Hurricane Sandy. Despite minor damage to the shingles, the initial inspection turned out healthy as far as the roof’s integrity was concerned. However, when the news team invited inspectors to the roof for a second opinion, they got the complete opposite.


You heard right. After looking up at the roof for about 10 minutes, the men said it had been damaged in the storm. They even coached our undercover FOX 29 Producer on how to file the claim he’d make with an insurance company.

“They are going to ask you the date of loss, you’re going to say 10/29. That’s the date of Sandy, so it’s going to be wind damage. They’re going to say, ‘what kind of damage?’ You’re going to say wind damage,” coaches Moffett.

Remember, Steve Thomas said he saw no wind damage at all. He also told us that the roof could be repaired with little more than a hammer to knock down some popped-up nails.

According to the report, the people from the roofing company only spent ten minutes on the ground to conclude that the roof needs a new one. Experts say the fastest time in performing a proper roof inspection is around 45 minutes, with the time further depending on the size of the roof.

Even though there are times when re-roofing is more economically sound, it should be considered a last resort. Looking into the prospect of re-roofing by professional Katy roofers like Summit Roofing & Restoration requires an inside and outside look. If the damage is superficial that is, only the roofing surface sustained damage─ then, it mostly needs a simple fix.

This also applies to roof replacement; both replacement and re-roofing are costlier than roof repair. Money spent on replacing or re-roofing when the damage can be fixed with a hammer is money not well-spent. Try to seek a second opinion from a credible roofer in Katy before agreeing to any deals.

(Article and image excerpt from FOX 29 Investigates: Potentially Questionable Roof Inspections, Fox News, September 17, 2013)

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