Prevent Water Damage with Gutters Installed by Trusted Katy Roofers

You may not think much about your gutters, but they play an integral role in protecting your home, especially during the rainy season. In an article posted on, a realtor discusses how gutters help maintain the structural integrity of the home:

“When we get rain, it can come down hard… Gutters prevent water from seeping into your foundation by channeling it away from the house. Keep in mind; you’re directing a large amount of water onto a very small area at the edge of the roof’s eaves. It has the effect of a pressure washer on the soil after heavy rains.”

If you don’t have gutters, rainwater cascades down from your roof onto the ground surrounding your house. When water floods and soaks into the soil, it expands and “lifts” the house, causing a problem in your foundation called heaving.

Reputable Katy roofers such as Summit Roofing & Restoration offer quality gutter solutions that will not only direct water away from your home, but will also complement the overall design of your home exterior. Inquire if they have a gutter protection system so you don’t have to climb up to your roof and clean the debris yourself. This add-on will help your gutters work at optimum performance.

By installing gutters, you protect your home exterior from water damage. Moreover, you ensure that the landscaping retains its beauty. Ask your trusted roofer in Katy how you can put the rainwater to good use through a collection device from your downspout so you can water your plants on the dry days.
(Article Information and Image from Does my House Need Gutters?, Blanco County News, April 25, 2013)

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