Mind Your Roof Colors From a Katy Roofing Company, Your HOA May Say So

Who would’ve thought that you could get in trouble for getting the wrong roof color? A couple in Celina knew, but a hailstorm didn’t give them time to think.

The couple has been receiving notice of fines from their homeowners’ association (HOA) after they replaced the roof with what the latter believes the wrong color. It was specified that the color of the roof must be “weathered wood,” which appears like gray. Now, they’re facing a cumulative fine of $500 for not being uniform with the neighborhood.


The shingles had to be a color called “weathered wood,” and had to be approved by the HOA architectural committee. The Hawkes thought they’d jumped through those hoops, hired a contractor, and work began.

Then, there was a knock on the door. It was the roof police.

David Hawkes said the president of the homeowners’ association and the HOA’s management company actually told them to stop construction.

A reputable Katy roofing company like Summit Roofing & Restoration usually offers various roof colors for shingles. Then again, some neighbors wonder if the HOA is taking it a bit too far.

On the side of the HOA, its lawyer defended the association’s decision as just implementing the rules. He argued that there are plenty of weathered wood shingles to go around with a quick Google.

“Architectural standards are really intended to protect the value of the investment the homeowners have in their homes,” he said.

He politely pointed out that if the Hawkes had any doubt of what color their roof was supposed to be, all they had to do was look around. They’re surrounded by gray roofs, even though a Google search of “weathered wood shingles” yields several shades, from grays through beiges.

Generally, HOAs can either be voluntary or mandatory in terms of membership. You can choose not to join a HOA if it’s voluntary but at the expense of losing out on privileges. On the other hand, you need to join a HOA if mandatory, though some rules may conflict with your interests. How you deal with HOAs is up to you.

Again, should you need the right roof color to comply with HOA by-laws, many major roofing brands like GAF have weathered wood and other hues. Check with Katy, TX roofing companies for a list of choices and don’t forget to seek HOA approval if possible.

(Article and image excerpt from HOA, Celina home owner battle over fines for roof color, WFAA, September 13, 2013)

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