Give Old Homes a Second Chance with Reliable Katy, TX Roof Repair

If there’s a reason why roof repairs shouldn’t be left for later, it’s the fact that even the smallest roof damage can worsen in the long run. Take for instance the story of a historic building in Denton, Texas that was scheduled for demolition in late November 2013. According to Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe of the Denton Record-Chronicle:

The 3,800-square-foot brick building at 210 and 212 N. Austin St. has needed a new roof for years and has other structural problems, according to its owner, Chris Landry.

Most recently, the building was home to a furniture restorer but has been vacant since 2010. It was erected in 1910.

The issues regarding the roof and the building’s structural integrity may be directly linked, but the fact remains that this problem could have been avoided with regular maintenance or a full-roof replacement at an earlier time. This is why roofing contractors make it a point to at least provide for their clients with emergency repair services so that similar problems can be remedied from the get-go. Summit Roofing & Restoration, one of the premier companies for roof repair in Katy, TX, specialize in fixing all sorts of roofing problems for both residential and commercial properties.

While repairing a roof is standard fare for them, this job is arguably much harder when historic homes are taken into account; after all, the historical value of any dwelling can diminish if any of its original features have been replaced. Put that in the context of roof repairs and this means that the roof of a historic home should be repaired using similarly-old materials, which may or may not be obsolete by today’s standards. Fortunately, a large number of historic homes were built using durable materials; slate, in particular, was as popular a roofing material then as it is today.

The only concern now, then, is to decide whether or not an old roof should be repaired or replaced. Normally, small gaps and cracks in the roof tiles or shingles can be fixed easily, although multiple leaks may indicate that a full replacement is in order; it would thus be hard for an ordinary homeowner to tell which course of action is more prudent, which is why roofing contractors should be the ones to handle the job. Fortunately, most Katy, TX roofing repair companies, much like those in any other city in the state, perform routine inspections before they carry out any maintenance work.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromAnother historic loss, Denton Record-Chronicle, November 25, 2013)

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