A Little Knowledge Helps You Before Hiring a Katy Roofing Company

According to DIY construction expert Tim Carter, the hardest part of a roofing job is hiring the right contractor to carry it out reliably and effectively. This is especially the case for homeowners who have little to no knowledge of home construction in general, which might prevent them from seeing shoddy roof jobs or ‘minor’ roof problems in the long run. “Your first step should be to spend some time educating yourself about roofs. Do it before you contact roof contractors to come over and look at your house. In fact, you can really save lots of time if you go to the trouble to select the actual roofing material you intend to use.”

A little knowledge would also help in identifying the “best” roofing contractor from a multitude of other similar professionals in the locale. Contractors like Summit Roofing & Restoration, a reputable Katy roofing company, provide quality service in the form of free consultations, roof inspections, storm damage assessments, and filing roof insurance claims, aside from their standard repair and replacement services. Additionally, these people have partnerships with well-known roofing brands like GAF and CertainTeed so that their clients would be granted the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies available in the market.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the contractors should shoulder all of the work; the homeowner is also responsible for visually inspecting their roofs for any telltale signs of damage or deterioration. This involves assessing the condition of the shingles and tiles as well as the valleys, flashings, or any other roof ornaments that he or she has. Valleys refer to the intersections that form between two roofs and are usually filled with dust, grime, and debris; flashings, meanwhile, are the metal or plastic fittings used to connect external home additions, like chimneys and dormer windows, with the roofing system. Flashings are more likely to develop leaks than roof shingles.

Aside from basic roof maintenance know-how, homeowners should (ideally) have a grasp of their state’s building codes so that their roofs would fit regulations; Texas, for instance, has guidelines for water-proofed roofing systems. Homeowners should crosscheck this information with the services being offered by roofing companies from Katy, TX, or elsewhere in the state. The last thing that homeowners would want is to be faced with a fine for not adhering to the building code; a costly mistake that should be avoided.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromWhat to look for when hiring a roofer, Chicago Tribune, undated)

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