A Good Katy, TX Roofing Company Provides Roofing Needs for Any Weather

The roof is responsible for bearing anything the weather offers. However, with long periods of below- freezing temperatures in areas like Katy, TX as an article from the Katy News describes, residents may have things to worry about with regard to their roof.

“The primary danger from this Arctic front will be from extended periods of temperatures at or below freezing. According to NWS, accumulation of ice and sleet is likely and will seriously impact driver safety.

Long periods of below freezing temperatures present a danger to the Four P’s: people, pets, pipes and plants. NWS predicts some parts of Harris County could experience sub-freezing temperatures for up to 12 hours. Residents should take action now to protect themselves and their property.”

A Katy roofing company can help homeowners determine which type of roof can endure the current brutal winter conditions or the sweltering Texan heat. A good roof must be able to resist the worst Mother Nature throws at it, whatever that may be. Most roofers like Summit Roofing LLC offer various roof types, which have their own benefits as well.

Asphalt shingles are economical, while tile and slate roofs are sophisticated and easy to maintain. Metal roofs, meanwhile, are known for their remarkable durability and their strength and resistance against water and ice. Another good option are composition shingles, which can last longer than traditional asphalt shingles.

Whatever a homeowner’s roofing needs may be, they can turn to specialists in roofing in Katy, TX to provide them what they need. Roofers offer various choices of durable roofing materails, from tile to metal. However, no roofing material is impervious to the elements so these professionals are also ready to provide roof restoration and repair services.

(Source: Winter Weather Entering the Region this Evening, The Katy News, Published 23 January 2014)

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